The Echo Society Presents: Family VI
to Oct 22

The Echo Society Presents: Family VI

VI: FAMILY will feature original works by 21 Los Angeles-based composers and special guests exploring the theme of "Family." Each evening, 7 different composers will present or perform original works simultaneously in 7 rooms of the house for (mostly) unamplified instruments of their choosing. During each show, guests will be free to explore the rooms inside the estate and discover the various performances as the evening unfolds.

I am thrilled to participate as a guest composer this year for the next Echo Society Show.  A bit on my piece below.

“Family for most, will never strictly be about blood. As a touring musician for most of my 20s, family became the raw intimacy of strangers I connected with on and off stage, and most importantly the musicians I shared pain, milestones and a bus with for months, if not years at a time. The people I’ve made music with over the last decade and a half have become, to some strange degree, symbolic, iconic in my memory of where and who I was when we were making art together. The opportunity to play with the men and women of the Echo Society is a clear new chapter in this idea of evolving family. And so my piece is reflective of extreme intimacy and the dangers of distance, inescapable familial archetypes, and most of all, how humbled I am in the face of the tenderness one feels towards those they love. When thinking of how to perform this piece, it was obvious: I am lucky enough to play with musicians, family, that have graced my life through the last decade with their talent and their brother and sisterhood, because ultimately this piece is about them.” 

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